Thursday, December 17, 2009


There are several different kinds of people that use facebook on a regular basis. Most of these people are using it to keep in contact with friends and family. The people that drive me nuts are the people that use facebook to post quotes of famous people. Big deal you can read a book and post what someone else said. You must be a genius. After all it takes a lot of effort to write someone else’s words. The second type of person that annoys me are the people that all the sudden are friends with everyone. These are the people that knew of each other in high school but now they are lifelong friends. Everything that one person posts the other is sure to comment on. The last type of person that makes me want to puke is the person that was a pot head stoner in high school and now they post bible verses on their page. I can remember this person telling me how great LSD was. Now they are the model parent and they like to tell you about it. What a joke. What makes this person think that I care that their kid cleaned their room? I’m guessing that the majority of these people do not have real friends and all they have to hold are their virtual friends on facebook.

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